Current Status of Water Environment in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal


Krishna Regmi, Ram | Kumar Mishra, Binaya | Lamsal, Alaka | Shrestha, Niranjan

United Nations University
This research has reviewed existing water quality management frameworks and spatial relationships between land uses and urban water quality in Kathmandu Valley. Primary data on water quality has been collected through sampling of river water from various locations within the valley. Similarly, review of secondary data and related literature from various sources, field observation, interaction and discussion with concerned stakeholders of various governments and non-governmental line agencies were carried out to perceive the existing water environment situation of the valley. All these data and study indicates that urban water quality in Kathmandu valley is not good enough to sustain healthy water ecosystem. Deteriorating quality of river water has caused frequent cases of water borne diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, and skin diseases among people living in riverside areas. It has also reduced the religious, recreational and aesthetic value of rivers.
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Latin America
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