The Mountains' Future: let Euromontana know your point of view

Monday, 25 April, 2016 - 09:27

Euromontana is celebrating its 20° anniversary this year. To celebrate this important event, they would like to involve young people, especially those who are 20 years old (more or less). Thus, they would like to involve European students and to collect their feedback on the following subject: 

what do you expect from mountain areas and how do you see your future in mountain areas?
The point of view of young people.

The aim is to know if they would like to live in mountain areas (or not), what embedded them to live in mountain areas or what would they welcome in order to stay in mountain areas.  

Euromontana would like students to either write some texts or do some short videos (30 seconds or 1 minute) or to express themselves in different supports (poems, paintings, drawings etc.).
These texts/videos should be done in either English or French. If done in another language, they should have a translation in at least English or French. 
All these inputs will be presented during the X European Mountain Convention in Bragança from 3 to 5 October 2016
All the inputs to be sent before the end of June 2016. 
For any further question, write to

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