International Water Management Institute

The International Water Management Institute is a nonprofit scientific research organization focusing on the sustainable use of water and land resources in agriculture and on the water needs of developing countries. IWMI works with partners in the South to develop tools and methods to help these countries eradicate poverty through more effective management of their water and land resources.

Mission: Improving water and land resources management for food livelihoods and nature.

The objectives of IWMI"s work:

* Identify the larger issues related to water management and food security that need to be understood and addressed by governments and policymakers.

* Develop, test and promote management practices and tools that can be used by governments and institutions to manage water and land resources more effectively, and address water scarcity issues.

* Clarify the link between poverty and access to water and to help governments and the research community better understand the specific water-related problems of poor people.

* Help developing countries build their research capacities to deal with water scarcity and related food security issues.

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