Mountain Partnership Decentralized Hub for Asia Pacific

The Mountain Partnership Secretariat supports and serves its members. The Secretariat
helps to link existing activities in mountain development, foster
synergies to promote closer collaboration, avoid duplication, achieve
greater coherence and better results in terms of sustainable
development. The Secretariat is supported financially by the
governments of Italy and Switzerland. It operates in a decentralized
manner in order to more effectively provide services and support to
Mountain Partnership members. The Secretariat structure consists of
central and decentralized hubs hosted respectively by FAO in Rome
(Central Hub), The Banff Centre in Canada (North America Hub), The
Consortium for the Sustainable Development of the Andean Ecoregion -
CONDESAN in Peru (Latin America Hub), the International Centre for
Integrated Mountain Development - ICIMOD in Nepal (Asia/Pacific Hub),
as well as the Environmental Reference Centre hosted by UNEP in Vienna.
The Secretariat also works closely with the Mountain Forum to provide key information and services to members.

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