RAMP Study Tour Peru 2008

I. Overall objectives

1. To strengthen RAMP networks

2. To share challenges and solutions to issues common to all RAMPs

3. To improve RAMP practices and outcomes

4. To come up with 1-3 ideas for cross-RAMP collaboration

II. Introduction
During the Study Tour, three kinds of activities are envisioned:

a.    Learning Sessions: Activities that have a specific learning objective for the study tour participants. Each session will have a session facilitator responsible for moderating the session and, in most/some cases, a reporter and speakers.

  1. Session facilitator. - Is responsible for preparing, leading and facilitating the session. The Facilitator develops and introduces the session format, introduces speakers, if applicable, and ensures discussion and outcomes are relevant to the session. He/she is also responsible for ensuring the session ends on time. Finally, he/she is responsible for supporting the reporter in developing a ONE page summary of the session if needed. Facilitators should plan, coordinate their sessions, and - where applicable, practice presentations - with Mauricio Osorio, Coordinator for the Study Tour in Peru.
  2. Session reporter. - Is responsible for preparing a ONE page report of the session to which they are assigned. The Reporter will also report back their summary of the session to the entire group at the Final wrap-up session of the Study Tour.

  3. Session speakers. - Are responsible for presenting on specific topics during a given session of the Study Tour. Session speakers will be invited by the Facilitator, and should coordinate their presentations with the Facilitator to ensure critical questions are being addressed.

b.    Social Gatherings: The study tour includes social activities to allow visitors to interact with local partners and also enjoy a bit of the Peruvian culture.

c.    Optional activities: Participants of the study tour are welcome to participate in additional activities not direct connected with RAMPs, but will allow you to explore Peru.

Lunes, 13 Octubre, 2008 - 00:00
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Mauricio Osorio. Consultant. The Lemelson Foundation
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