Global Change Research Network in African Mountains

The african mountains and highlands are an important part of the global system endowed with unique biodiversity, ecosystems, and climatic conditions owing to their varying vertical dimension. Global change resulting from climate change , land use, biological invasion, global economic forces or other forces will reverberate through networks of relationships that are part of the land and economic systems of mountain regions. However, many questions remain about the cause, pace and consecquences of these changes.

The objectives of this initiative are:
  • To promote research on global change in African mountains
  • Address the need of African mountain researchers to join hands, efforts, resources and experiences, and create synergies between research and on- going local, regional and global initiatives
  • Support data sharing by means of conferences and workshops, mailings and database acces.
  • Provide scientific based information to stackeholders and policy makers.
  • Influence policy and decision-making to improve livelihood and environment in African Mountains/Highlands.
  • Establish a transboundary network of global change research sites
Work regions: 
Mountain Ranges: