Action - Learning on Food Sovereignty and Nutrition in Communities of northern Potosi


World Neighbors Bolivia

World Neighbors Bolivia
Norte Potosí, Bolivia

The document that we have in our hands is a beautiful example of a development project summary that carefully documents, reflects, learns, tests new things, makes improvements to what was unproductive, and consolidates what does works while it progresses. The content is clear, precise and detailed regarding the approach used and the results obtained. Its approach combines severity with creativity, science with artistic, sensitivity to culture and the urgency of improving the quality of food and nutrition. The document is a testament to the project’s respect for the inhabitants and their families who are motivated to try innovations that the inhabitants themselves and their families suggest and choose. It is a worthy example of valuing tradition while promoting changes based on the culture for the benefit of all. The design is beautiful, masterfully incorporating photos and drawings of families, and in doing so it reinforces the message of the importance of the visual and of the participatory nature of their work. The document is highly educational for those who would like to replicate the approach used in the project.

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Global | Latin America
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