Mountain Research and Development, Vol 35, No 3, available online and open access

Thursday, 17 September, 2015 - 13:47

Water issues in Latin America are the focus of 3 papers in this Open Issue.

One shows how water privatization in Chile has dispossessed indigenous people of their water rights, threatening uniquely biodiverse high-altitude wetlands; one reevaluates the FAO 56 PM evapotranspiration estimation method in Ecuador to better assess water availability in times of climate change; and one tests 2 hydrological models under a climate change scenario in Pacific and Atlantic Costa Rica. Two studies use remote sensing to find out whether changes in temperature and precipitation affect vegetation growth in northern Tibet and to assess forest density in Nepal; another one presents a multidimensional poverty measure for Nepal and applies it in 23 mountain, hill, and plain districts; and one compares the effectiveness of top-down and bottom-up initiatives to negotiate conservation and development in Sweden.

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