Report and call for action "Challenges facing agricultural communities in the Himalayas: Global causes and local implication for development"

Monday, 12 January, 2015 - 09:00

Norlha - Helping people in the Himalayas - is happy to share with you the report of the Nov 19 Symposium on the challenges facing agricultural communities in the Himalayas

More resources include key documents mentioned and other references on the discussed topics can be found on the Symposium web page

The symposium, convened by Norlha took place on 19 November 2014 in the premises of the FEDEVACO in Lausanne and consisted of 3 sessions, each covering a distinct theme, as follows. Each session had a facilitator and a panel. The public was invited to contribute from the floor, and did so liberally.

Norlha consequently suggests action in the following areas, for the consideration of all organizations concerned with the peoples of the Himalayas:
  1. Providing migration with a sustainable-development dimension, including the developmentally sound use of remittances; helping safe migrations; and access to financial instruments, especially for women.
  2. Restoring dignity to farmers, farming and the social image of peasantry 
  3. Recognising and supporting the crucial role of women in agricultural communities, including conducting research on selected topics and making the information available; and training women in techniques that enable them to adapt to new ways of production and entrepreneurship
  4. Capacity development and institutional strengthening; include learn from the process and share the lessons learnt from this with others
  5. Agricultural production support; including promoting adequate technologies; diversification of agriculture; value-added products, branding and marketing 
  6. Water management, in relation to climate change adaptation issues, including water harvesting
  7. The promotion of legal instruments that help protect mountain people, including those of the Himalayas, and to govern themselves appropriately.
  8. Bringing mountain people together to review their shared challenges, learn from each other, and help each other.
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