World Climate Summit 2016: Registrations Open!

Friday, 23 September, 2016 - 08:11

Register for the World Climate Summit 2016 on November 13th at Es Saadi Palace in Marrakech, in partnership with the Government of Morocco. The 7th World Climate Summit will be a key building block in supporting COP22 as ‘the COP of Action’.

The one-day event is aimed at offering a collaborative platform for business, finance, and governments to stimulate urgent climate action following the Paris Agreement. It will mobilise the top leaders, showcase the best innovative solutions for a sustainable future, and provide momentum to the Climate Action Agenda – the multi-stakeholder approach - which is now an integral part of the COP process.

About the World Climate Summit

Since 2010, the World Climate Summit has created a space for non-state actors and government leaders to meet. It has brought together the absolute top 500+ climate leaders across business, finance, and government to accelerate solutions for our climate.

"We wish to pave the way for the green economy worldwide. Our mission is to secure this by promoting sustainable solutions and deal-flow, facilitating large-scale collaboration between businesses, finance, governments and civil society." *Jens Nielsen / CEO / World Climate Ltd


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