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Tuesday, 30 June, 2015 - 09:52
Mountains cover about 27% of the world's surface. How much of it do you know?

Chances are, you work in less than 1% of those 27%, and are only likely to visit another tiny per cent. Curious about what you're missing? Visit theMountain Blogs to learn about the distant summits and hidden valleys other researchers are exploring, and share their insights and discoveries!

The Mountain Blogs

The Mountain Blogs are contributed by researchers heading up mountain research networks around the world, and by researchers working in regions and on subjects that probably aren't even on your mental map:

  • Visit blogs by CIRMOUNT's Connie Millar to get the low-down on drought, fire and "the Blob" in Western North America;
  • Check out what MIREN's Jonas Lembrechts has to say about botanical conquests in Latin America;
  • Let Ralph Clark give you a glimpse of the pratically undiscovered Great Escarpment in southern Africa.
Check it out!

Visit to see what other researchers have written, "follow" the blog to get a regular dose of mountain discovery, and share what you've read on Facebook and elsewhere to keep to conversation going.

Want to put your mountains on the map too? If you have a story to share, let us know!

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