Mountain Research and Development, Vol 34, No 3 on Gender and Sustainable Development in Mountains

Monday, 29 September, 2014 - 08:58

A decade after MRD’s last issue dedicated to women in mountains, this special issue provides evidence of the progress made in gender research on sustainable development in mountains. At the same time, it offers important insights into what still needs to be done. MountainDevelopment articles analyze gendered impacts of development efforts in mountain regions of Nepal, India, and Ecuador, and show that interventions often inadvertently benefit men more than women. MountainResearch articles explore the different ways in which women and men in India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Austria negotiate change, development interventions, and migration, and how this influences their daily lives in terms of their relations, power struggles, and access to resources. A MountainAgenda article proposes steps for better integrating gender into protected area management in the European Alps. Some of the articles emerged from the 2012 Bhutan+10 Conference on “Gender and Sustainable Mountain Development in a Changing World.” This special issue was guest edited and supported by the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development in Kathmandu, Nepal, who are also producing a print version.

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