2nd Call for the MRI Key Contact Workshop prior to the ESA Annual Meeting 2014

Friday, 6 June, 2014 - 12:02

The Mountain Research Initiative invites you to participate in its Key Contact Workshop. We provide a setting that stimulates interdisciplinary thinking and that allows peers to take a fresh look at each other's research. Think of it as an extended coffee break, where new ideas and collaborations perk via interdisciplinary exchange.


The KCW brings together active researchers from around the world working on global change in mountain regions to present a brief overview of their research programs, comment on fellow participants' research, and discover opportunities for new interdisciplinary research collaborations.


The Mountain Research Initiative (MRI). The workshop will be run by Erin Gleeson, Regional Network Specialist at the MRI. Fees No fees apply to workshop participation. The workshop is a full day's event with lunch and coffee provided by MRI. However, participants are expected to organize their travel and accommodation themselves and to cover their respective expenses.

Worth trying? Check out the workshop's website.

To register

1. Fill out your research summary Template research summary.

2. Send it to Erin Gleeson attaching a digital photo of yourself.

3. Participate! Contact Erin Gleeson.

If you have more questions or plan to attend the workshop, please contact Erin Gleeson.

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Mountain Ranges: 

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