Mountain Research and Development, Volume 34, Issue 2 available online and open access

Wednesday, 18 June, 2014 - 14:52

Papers in this open issue of MRD discuss impacts of cultural and economic changes on mountains, as well as mountains’ role as resource providers. Research topics include migration trends among ethnic Tibetans in Nepal leading to depopulation of their native mountain valleys; agriculture and development potentials in understudied mountains of northeastern Thailand; prediction of tourist movements in a protected area in northwest Yunnan; modelling of climate change impacts on water availability in the Koshi River basin in Nepal; communities’ perceptions of changes in cattle breeding and forest grazing, as well as of commercial oak harvesting for firewood, both in Bhutan; factors determining firewood consumption in Tajikistan’s Western Pamirs; and soil degradation in a rarely studied mountain area in Benin.

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